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We believe that sharing information is necessary to improve global security. The purpose of this blog is to share our experiences, perspectives and experiments.

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Peter Manev

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Uncovered with Stamus NDR: Danger in the Datacenter

When the blue team needs to mount a network defense, they must answer some very common questions:

Network Intrusion Detected with Suspicious User Agents - Uncovered by Stamus NDR

Stamus Networks Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution helps bank identify threat to its...

Uncovered with Stamus NDR: Shadow IT

In this series of articles, we explore a set of use cases that we have encountered in real-world...

Scaling Suricata in the Enterprise - Leverage Advanced Analytics


As we have previously written, for all Suricata’s capabilities, building out an...

Scirius Security Platform Armed to Detect Stolen FireEye Red Team Tools

Yesterday, FireEye/Mandiant announced that a “highly sophisticated state-sponsored adversary...