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Dashboards and Reports

Stamus Networks App for Splunk - Dashboard for SSP

Dashboards for Stamus Security Platform

  • Stamus Networks Dashboard
  • Stamus Networks IDS Dashboard
  • Stamus Networks IP Investigation Dashboard
  • Stamus Networks NTA Dashboard
  • Stamus Networks Threat Radar Dashboard
Dashboards for Suricatra Sensors

Dashboards for Suricata Sensors

  • Suricata Admin Dashboard
  • Suricata Events Dashboard
  • Suricata for Zeek Users Dashboard
  • Suricata for IDS Dashboard
  • Suricata for IP Investigation Dashboard


  • Assets under Attack
  • Domain Controllers List
  • HTTP Servers
  • HTTP Servers not running on port 80
  • New Services on Known Hosts by Stamus Networks
  • Recent services by Stamus Networks
  • TLS Servers
  • TLS servers not running on port 443
  • Threats by Network

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