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We believe that sharing information is necessary to improve global security. The purpose of this blog is to share our experiences, perspectives and experiments.

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Don't Take the Bait: Detect Whaling Phishing with Network Detection & Response

In our past series, “Threat! What Threats?” we covered the topic of phishing in a generic way, but...

Hunting for Punycode Domain Phishing

Punycode domains have traditionally been used by malware actors in phishing campaigns. These...

Hunting for Plain Text Executables with Stamus Security Platform

Plain text executables (such as those downloaded from a PowerShell user agent) are often seen on...

Weak Attack Signals Your Legacy IDS Will Miss: Homoglyphs

Intrusion detection systems (IDS) have proven to be a highly effective and commonly used method of...

Hunting for Phishing Activity with Stamus Security Platform

In this week’s guided threat hunting blog, we focus on using Stamus Security Platform to uncover...

Hunting for Malware Masquerading as an Image File

For week 2 of our series on guided threat hunting, we will be reviewing a hunting technique to...