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Legacy Systems: What you want, and what you don’t

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)


The Good

 Highly effective signature-based threat detection

Some are extensible


The Bad

Too many false positives

No actionable context 

Network Security Monitoring (NSM)


The Good

In-depth forensic evidence and enrichment

Open and extensible


The Bad 

Lacks effective real-time detection

Resource intensive

Requires external analytics engine

Network Detection and Response (NDR)


The Good

 Advanced anomaly detection

Automated response

Event prioritization


The Bad

 Limited evidence

Not extensible

Public cloud-based analytics engines



Stamus Security Platform's Unique Features

High Confidence Notifications

The most serious and imminent threats are automatically escalated into Declarations of Compromise™ (DoC)

Guided Threat Hunting

SSP provides over 100 guided hunting filters to make identifying policy violations, suspicious behaviors, and anomalous activity incredibly simple

Open Integrations

With an open interface that is enabled by REST APIs and Webhooks, SSP easily integrates with any existing SOAR, SIEM, XDR, EDR, or IR platform

Get Results with Stamus Security Platform


Ultra low false positives


All evidence correlated in one place


Fewer auxiliary resources needed


Faster detection time

See what our customers are saying about Stamus Networks

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The ability of Stamus Security Platform to suppress the typically verbose stream of alerts enables us to quickly identify malicious activity from the tremendous noise associated with things like proxies on the network. By selecting the ‘relevant’ alerts, we are able to transition from millions of daily alerts to the 10 or 15 we actually need to review.

CTO at Bulgarian MSSP

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We managed to increase visibility of suspicious and malicious network activity which highly simplified incident investigation. But I think the biggest advantage we received is the support from Stamus Networks team which always was quick, constructive and useful.

Lead of Information Security Team for a global software engineering firm

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We built our managed service’s network detection on Stamus Security Platform because we can depend on it for highly accurate detection and to gather the evidence needed for a detailed incident investigation. Stamus Security Platform is easy to setup, use and integrate. It provides actionable insights into what's going on on the network, completing the visibility picture.

Product Manager at European MSSP

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I have previously worked with six different IDS vendors, and only Stamus provides us with both the signature and anomaly-based data we need which previously required two separate traffic analyzers.

Lead Security Analyst at large SaaS vendor

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