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Advanced Deployment & Configuration with Suricata @ Suricon

by Peter Manev | Sep 22, 2021 | open source, Suricata

I’m pleased to partner with my colleague and OISF Board Member - Eric Leblond. Together, we want to invite you to our virtual Suricata training - “Advanced Deployment & Configuration with Suricata”.

SuriCon is the annual open source technology community conference that highlights discussions and developments related to Suricata, the powerful intrusion detection and prevention and network security monitoring (IDS/IPS/NSM) engine. As Suricata expertise is at the heart of our company, we are excited that Stamus Networks will participate in this year’s event - both in Boston and virtually. 

The focus of this class is to introduce you to the core principles for deploying Suricata and to help you easily integrate it with other systems in your enterprise security stack. We will demonstrate: 

  • How to ensure your deployment is optimal 
  • How to make sure you’re taking into factor all advanced features of Suricata
  • How to tackle outputs
  • Control the noise of millions of events, hundreds of thousand IoCs/rules and pass/drop lists
  • Hunting automation techniques inside billion events a day
  • How to ingest multiple threat intel sources, dos and don'ts
  • The pluses and minuses of virtual vs HW vs cloud setups

In order to give you practical experience needed to incorporate what you learned into your own work, we include more than 30 exercises in the 2 days of training. Eric and I are excited to share with you our perspective and field experience tips and provide you with feedback tailored to your unique situation. Please take into account that this is an advanced training, so we expect you to have some experience in working with Suricata.

Developers and security professionals should walk away with a greater proficiency in Suricata’s core technology and will have the unique opportunity to bring questions, challenges, and new ideas directly to Suricata’s developers.

Join us virtually on 18-19 October, for the training. And if you are attending Suricon in person, be sure to visit the Stamus table and say "hi" to one of our executives. If you are considering coming to the main Suricon event, the organizers are giving a 20% discount off the training to those who register for both. Learn more here >>.

We hope to see you there!

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