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A rich history of open source contribution

Stamus Networks has a long history of developing and supporting open source technologies. The company was founded by Éric Leblond and Peter Manev, two open source icons. Éric and Peter are on the board of directors and executive team for the OISF (the governing body for Suricata), respectively. And they are active developers on the Suricata project, the widely-deployed open source intrusion detection and network security monitoring engine. The OISF is a non-profit organization created to build community and to support open source security technologies like Suricata.


In addition to our extensive contributions to Suricata itself, our team at Stamus Labs have four active projects underway.


  • Since 2014, we have developed and maintained SELKS, the popular turnkey Suricata-based open source intrusion detection system (IDS), Network Security Monitor (NSM) and threat hunting system.
  • In 2020, we introduced the Stamus App for Splunk which is a free and open source Splunk app for investigating and hunting in the IDS alert data and the protocol transaction logs generated by Suricata sensors. This Splunk app also provides complete access to data from Stamus Security Platform.
  • Also in 2020, we introduced GopherCap, an innovative PCAP manipulation application that provides accurate playback of extra large PCAP files directly from tar archives.
  • In January 2022, we introduced the Suricata Language Server, a tool that adds syntax checking, performance guidance, and auto-completion to popular text editors for Suricata signature developers. 

Current Open Source Projects

StamusLabs GopherCap Card


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StamusLabs SplunkApp Card

Splunk App

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Suricata Language Server

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Threat Intelligence from Stamus Labs

Every day, customers of Stamus Security Platform receive updated threat intelligence and detection algorithms from Stamus Labs. Each week, we send customers an update email summarizing the updates from the past week.




Click on this link to go to the archive of those update emails.