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Suricata: The Hard Truth

Hidden Costs


The Problem

Home grown Suricata deployments require ongoing maintenance, OS patches, and new feature developments 


The Impact

Time and money spent on this maintenance prevents you from investing in proactive threat hunting, incident investigation, and response automation

Alert Overload


The Problem

Without optimization and alert triage, Suricata can generate hundreds of thousands of alerts and false positives every day


The Impact 

Finding the proverbial threat "needle" in the Suricata log "haystack" takes considerable time and fatigue may cause you to miss important signals

Retaining Expertise


The Problem

Expert developers change jobs frequently, so churn is inevitable as employees seek new career opportunities


The Impact 

Your development team may not have the Suricata expertise or familiarity with your custom deployment to efficiently enhance and maintain Suricata sensors

Stamus Security Platform: Suricata Reimagined

Suricata-based Network Detection and Response

Stamus Security Platform uses Suricata as the foundation of SSP, then we add asset-oriented visibility, alert triage, anomaly detection, Declarations of Compromise, and other powerful NDR functionality.

Enterprise Support from Suricata Experts

As an SSP customer, the experts at Stamus Networks take care of all the updates, patches, and other support tasks, freeing your security team to focus on other mission critical tasks - and not Suricata maintenance.

Supercharge your Suricata Installation

Even for your existing Suricata sensor deployments, SSP can aggregate alert logs, manage rulesets, and enrich alert data. And Suricata post-processing automatically triages events, and identifies the most serious and imminent threats.

Streamline Suricata with Stamus Security Platform


Gain control over false positives and the IDS alert cannon


Reduce reliance on in-house developers


Improve visibility and the efficacy of threat detection


Reduce time to respond to incidents

See what our customers are saying about Stamus Networks

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The ability of Stamus Security Platform to suppress the typically verbose stream of alerts enables us to quickly identify malicious activity from the tremendous noise associated with things like proxies on the network. By selecting the ‘relevant’ alerts, we are able to transition from millions of daily alerts to the 10 or 15 we actually need to review.

CTO at Bulgarian MSSP

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We managed to increase visibility of suspicious and malicious network activity which highly simplified incident investigation. But I think the biggest advantage we received is the support from Stamus Networks team which always was quick, constructive and useful.

Lead of Information Security Team for a global software engineering firm

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We built our managed service’s network detection on Stamus Security Platform because we can depend on it for highly accurate detection and to gather the evidence needed for a detailed incident investigation. Stamus Security Platform is easy to setup, use and integrate. It provides actionable insights into what's going on on the network, completing the visibility picture.

Product Manager at European MSSP

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I have previously worked with six different IDS vendors, and only Stamus provides us with both the signature and anomaly-based data we need which previously required two separate traffic analyzers.

Lead Security Analyst at large SaaS vendor

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