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Stamus Networks Blog

We believe that sharing information is necessary to improve global security. The purpose of this blog is to share our experiences, perspectives and experiments.

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Uncovered with Stamus NDR: Danger in the Datacenter

When the blue team needs to mount a network defense, they must answer some very common questions:

Detection Technology Truth-telling and a Focus on Results

In my last blog article, I introduced some of the factors that have contributed to our successes...

Video Tour of Release U37

Last month, I posted a blog article (Read it here >>) that introduced the new capabilities of...

Much more than just another NDR Vendor

In cybersecurity as soon as you stand still, you’re falling behind. Change, whether it’s in the...

Network Intrusion Detected with Suspicious User Agents - Uncovered by Stamus NDR

Stamus Networks Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution helps bank identify threat to its...