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The Art of Suricata QA GitLab Automation @ Suricon

by Peter Manev | Oct 18, 2021 | Suricata, Suricon, GitLab

I’m pleased to partner with the OISF QA Engineer and Automator - Corey Thomas for this year’s Suricon event. Together, we invite you to our virtual talk - “The art of Suricata QA GitLab automation”.

SuriCon is the annual open source technology community conference that highlights discussions and developments related to Suricata, the powerful intrusion detection and prevention and network security monitoring (IDS/IPS/NSM) engine. As Suricata is at the heart of our company, we are excited that Stamus Networks will be part of this year’s event - both on-site in Boston and virtually. 

In this talk we will be discussing the major challenges with automating Suricata QA and what we have learned from our experiences. Some of the big challenges in Suricata QA have always centered around picking up specific public or private pull requests (PRs) and giving visibility into their impact on performance and accuracy with security in mind. In this talk, we will focus on how this process can be automated, resulting in Suricata testing that sends automatic feedback into online chat systems.

We will demonstrate how to set up open source and free tools to test Suricata. In this talk we will be focusing specifically on the GitLab environment. We will share our experience of using GitLab to test and help the Suricata QA function with attendees. All of this - automated. 

Join us virtually at Suricon 2021 on 20 October at 11:15 AM (EST). And if you are planning to attend the event in person, be sure to visit the Stamus table and say "hi" to one of our executives. If you are considering coming to the other OISF talks, you can check the list of events here >>.

We hope to see you there!

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