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We offer a complete line of turn-key appliances for both Stamus Central Server™ and Stamus Network Probes™.


While Stamus Central Server and Stamus Networks Probe software may be deployed in a private cloud, a public cloud, on your own dedicated hardware, or in hybrid environments, many organizations do not have the resources to install and maintain the software in these scenarios.

For those organizations looking for a turn-key deployment experience, we offer a family of integrated network appliances which are optimized for and pre-loaded with the Stamus Network Probe or Stamus Central Server software.

You may select from among four versions of the Stamus Network Probe appliance, appropriately sized to monitor network speeds of:


  • 1 Gbps

  • 10 Gbps

  • 40 Gbps

  • 100 Gbps


Detailed specifications are available upon request.


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