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In light of Russia’s recent unprovoked invasion of and aggressions towards Ukraine, Stamus Networks would like to clarify our position on the matter and our trade with Russia.

Stamus Networks does not knowingly do business – either directly or through our partners – with organizations having headquarters in Russia or Russia-occupied Ukraine.

As a producer and contributor to many open source projects, including Suricata, SELKS, GopherCAP, Suricata Language Server, and the Stamus Networks Application for Splunk, we make these products freely available in the public domain. And for these products we do not control their deployments nor do we track the people who download these tools. As such, we cannot comment on their use in Russia or any other location.

Stamus Networks has a long-standing policy of not doing business with countries widely accused of human rights abuses. These include Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and others. In addition, we adhere to the laws and guidance of the United States and European Union relative to international trade.