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In the Trenches with NDR: K-12 School District Maximizes Visibility While Avoiding Alert Fatigue

TL;DR: An American school district needed to monitor over 5000 school-owned student devices, making endpoint coverage impractical. They instead chose to monitor the network, selecting the Stamus Security Platform as their NDR for its deep visibility into network traffic, comprehensive threat coverage, and minimal alert fatigue. 

Network detection and response (NDR) is a critical component of a comprehensive cyber defense strategy, monitoring and analyzing network traffic to identify and thwart malicious activities that traditional security measures may miss. Using a combination of automated detection algorithms, incident investigation, and threat-hunting tools, NDR enables organizations to proactively detect, investigate, and respond to threats that pose a risk to network infrastructure.

At Stamus Networks, we have enjoyed the privilege of working closely with a diverse range of organizations around the world. During our deployments, we have witnessed remarkable success stories. In each example, NDR has played a pivotal role in safeguarding networks, mitigating attacks, and minimizing the impact of security incidents.

Many of our success stories are shared in our ebook “In the Trenches with Network Detection and Response: Real World Success Stories”, but we wanted to share some of these stories here on the Stamus Networks Blog.

Each story provides a quick example of how NDR achieves one or more of the following three use cases:

  • Threat Detection and Response
  • Network Visibility and Incident Response
  • Threat Hunting

The following story is that of an American K-12 school district, and how the Stamus Security Platform (SSP) improved its threat coverage and minimized alert fatigue by optimizing its network visibility.

How can NDR help school districts?

Network Detection and Response (NDR) can help school districts by seamlessly integrating with existing technology and adding visibility into previously unseen parts of the network. This is seen in the example of an American K-12 school district, and its experience adding SSP to its technical stack to gain coverage in an environment where endpoint installations were impractical.

The Challenge: 

A small US school district servicing 6000 students on a one-to-one device program felt like they were lacking visibility and availability of network traffic data. This is because their only means of threat detection were a SIEM, an app blocker, and an antivirus. They sought a more advanced solution that didn’t require any endpoint installations.

The Solution: 

They chose the Stamus Security Platform, opting to monitor the network rather than each device. They deployed two sensor appliances into cloud environments and began using SSP to perform proactive threat hunting, troubleshooting, and incident investigation.

The Outcome: 

Stamus Security Platform gave the school district maximum visibility into network traffic across 5000 endpoints, enabled thorough investigation into policy violations and user behaviors, and minimized false positives and alert fatigue — all while functioning in the customer's preferred environment without regular maintenance or support. The inclusion of the Stamus Security Platform provided additional comfort and confidence in the school district’s ability to protect its students and teachers from cyber threats.

What is the Stamus Security Platform?

The Stamus Security Platform (SSP) is a broad-spectrum, open network-based threat detection and response (NDR) system, delivering actionable network visibility and threat detection with:

  • Greater visibility and evidence
  • More complete detection
  • Response-ready notifications
  • Extensible threat intelligence
  • Straightforward integrations
  • Immediate results

Stamus Security Platform is trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations, including government CERTs, central banks, insurance providers, managed security service providers, financial service providers, multinational government institutions, broadcasters, travel and hospitality companies, and even a market-leading cybersecurity SaaS vendor.

Like these organizations, your organization could likely benefit from including Stamus Security Platform in your cybersecurity strategy.

Read the Penfield Central School District Case Study here to dive deeper into this story.

To learn more about SSP, visit us at www.stamus-networks.com

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Dallon Robinette

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