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Software Release U39.1 now available from Stamus Networks

This week we announced that an important new software release Update 39.1 (or “U39.1”) for our network-based threat detection and response solution, Stamus Security Platform (SSP), is now available.

If you are a current Stamus Security Platform user, we recommend that you visit your My Stamus Networks portal to review the instructions for upgrading your Stamus Security Platform to U39.1 as soon as possible.

New with U39.1

This release builds upon the previous release U39.0.2 and includes enhancements to authentication and role-based access controls, appliance storage optimizations, several bug fixes and security patches to the underlying operating system. These are briefly described in the list below:

Enhanced authentication and role-based access controls

  • Added generic LDAP authentication support for organizations not using MS Active Directory - SSP has supported MS Active Directory for some time. This change will allow organizations with other LDAP authentication tools to use them for authentication to the SSP UI.
  • Cross-domain single sign on for SSP users through SAML2 - for organizations using single sign-on, SSP users may now authenticate using SAML2 based authentication. This allows the use of cloud or on-premise SSO solutions through the use of SAML2 so a user will not have to re authenticate in order to log into the SSP UI.
  • Enhanced content security policies for SSP user roles - Better use of web security policies on each page makes the Stamus Security Platform more secure.
  • Configurable session timeout for SSP users - This was enhanced from 39.0.2 to allow for a time out policy of as little as 15 minutes.

Appliance storage optimizations

  • Reduced the storage consumed on disk for rulesets on the Stamus Central Server  - This solves a rare issue where the system disk could hit 100% utilization and stop the UI from functioning.
  • Remove old SSP upgrades from disk to reduce disk volume used - This reduces storage requirements as upgrades can be sizable. SSP will keep that last major/minor upgrade and only the latest bug fix release on disk.

Online help 

  • Optimized source of online help  - When users access online help, SSP will now check to see if Internet access is available, and will direct user to live online documentation site. If this is not accessible, the user will be directed to the version of documentation that is built into the system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix some broken links in the administration interface - This fixes a problem that occurred when a user clicks on IP addresses and other locations in the Administration interface of SSP and were redirected to a the wrong page. 
  • Fix log retention for FTP protocol logs - This fixes a problem that caused FTP protocol logging to not respond to log retention settings and thereby stored the protocol logs forever. 
  • Fix bugs affecting multiple logger implementations - Fixed a bug where the firewall on the logger was not working properly. Fixed a bug when using DNS and hostnames for ElasticSearch and the Loggers. Made an enhancement to support port 443 that was needed in some environments.
  • DoC description edits - Users may now edit the text descriptions of custom Declarations of Compromise (DoCs) after they are created. 

General system updates

  • Upgraded Elastic from 7.17.10 to 7.17.14 
  • Security fixes for the operating system with package upgrades - This is included with every release
  • Includes all changes and fixes from U39.0.1 and U39.0.2

Learn More

If you are a current customer, please contact anyone on your customer success team to discuss the U39.1 upgrade and schedule a review of these changes. In the meantime, visit your My Stamus Networks portal to review the instructions for upgrading your Stamus Security Platform to U39.1.

For more information on Stamus Security Platform U39 please visit the U39 for Stamus Security Platform now available blog post that explains the new features of that major release.

Phil Owens

Phil is the vice president of customer solutions at Stamus Networks. He has over 25 years experience in IT, networking, and cyber security. As a Systems Engineer he has been a trusted advisor to several fortune 500 companies. As a product manager he has created successful cyber security software products. Prior to joining Stamus Networks he held positions at RSA Security, AT&T and IBM. Phil is also proud to have served in the United States Air Force. Phil resides in Florida, USA.

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