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Stamus Networks Open Source Projects

Stamus Networks believes in the innovative power and flexibility of Open Source software. Our primary contribution to the Open Source community are two projects: SELKS -- a live and installable ISO implementing a ready-to-use Suricata IDS/IPS -- and Scirius Community Edition, a web application dedicated to Suricata ruleset management.



Preview an early version of SELKS 6. Download Release Candidate 1 (RC1).


Scirius Community Edition

  • Web application to manage the ruleset of a single Suricata sensor
  • Manages rule files / categories
  • Ruleset sources can be local (uploaded files) or remote (archive accessible via HTTP or HTTPS like the Emerging Threats Open/PRO ruleset
  • Written in Django
  • Released under GPLv3 license,; sources, issues tracker and wiki are hosted on GitHub; download from GitHub releases.

Not sure SELKS is enough for your Organization? See the table below for a comparison between SELKS and the Stamus Networks commercial offerings.

Feature (partial list) SELKS Scirius Probe Management Scirius Enriched Hunting Scirius Threat Radar
IDS administration for one probe X X X X
IDS ruleset management for one ruleset X X X X
Basic threat hunting on IDS events X X X
Real-time network traffic analysis X X X X
IDS administration for multiple probes X X X
IDS ruleset management for multiple rulesets X X X
Multiple Stamus Networks probes and/or Suricata sensors X X X
Automated health and wellness monitoring X X X
Automated application and OS updates X X X
Unified network threat hunting tool X X
Guided hunting that drives detection X X
Real-time correlation of IDS events, network traffic analysis and organizational data X X
Automated event classification and advanced tagging X X
Network definitions providing enhanced detection of lateral threat proliferation X X
Enriched data provides context and increase network visibility X X
Unique metadata for perspective and investigation X X
Metadata integration with SIEM, SOAR, and data lakes X X
Highest probability indicators mapped into the cyber kill chain X
Unified threat detection results drive insightful threat detection algorithms from Stamus Networks X
User defined algorithms detect high probability threats specific to your environment X
Host fingerprinting details network services, user agents, host name and logged in users X
Prioritizes high probability events to direct investigations X
Proofpoint ETPro Ruleset bundle X