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Stamus Networks @ SecurityCON 2021

Next week, Stamus Networks will participate for the first time in SecurityCON, a virtual cybersecurity event organized by our partner in Latin America, ES Consulting. This is the first year for what we hope will become an annual event. Cost to attend is only $15, and the organizers expect to see a large turnout from throughout the region.

In what we believe to be a unique format in the industry, attendees navigate their custom avatars through a simulated exhibit hall which can best be described as a retro-video game environment. There, guests may attend pre-recorded conference sessions, interact with speakers and exhibitors, chat with other attendees, and initiate quick meetings.

For our part, Stamus Networks will be exhibiting as well as speaking on two topics that we believe to be critical to the industry. Here are the times and descriptions of our two talks.

Five Essential Requirements for Network Detection and Response (NDR)

28-October-2021 | 4:00pm ET  |  Mark Durrett – CMO

Network Detection and Response (NDR) has become a critical function for speeding up the response to critical threats, by uncovering urgent and acute risks from network activity, capturing evidentiary logs, and facilitating incident response. A properly deployed NDR solution can help security teams proactively identify and address threats to the organization’s digital assets, through the automated detection of advanced persistent threats, malware, and dangerous violations of security policies. In this talk, we will present five fundamental requirements to consider when selecting a solution that will play a vital role in your organization’s cyber security strategy.





Stamus NDR Demo: 5 Minutes to Patient Zero

29-October-2021 | 4:00pm ET  |  Phil Owens – Dir. of Systems Engineering 

In this session, we explain how a tier one analyst would use Stamus NDR, show its automated detection capabilities, dive deeper into the NDR functions - including the unique Declarations of Compromise™ - and demonstrate how how quickly we can get to patient zero.

In addition to these scheduled speaking engagements, visitors can also view other solution demonstrations and presentations as well as product collateral.

For more information on SecurityCON, please visit the ES Consulting website here: https://www.es.consulting/blog/securitycon-2021-un-lugar-donde-multiples-expertos-se-reunen-para-hablar-de-ciberseguridad.

To register, please visit this page >>  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScY_XqCJI-tEHDx-mGGamztPJLZ9CdeSEXj13qJqyRpg58V1Q/viewform?usp=sf_link

We hope to see you there.

Schedule a Demo of Stamus ND or Stamus NDR


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