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Join Stamus Networks at Cyber Security Summit Miami

With two Cyber Security Summits already behind us, we are ready for the next one. On 7 April 2022, my colleague Ed Mohr and I will be attending the Cyber Security Summit in Miami. We will be showcasing the Stamus Security Platform in the exhibit hall and are excited to be joining the cybersecurity community in Miami.

Attend the event in-person or virtually as our guest. For your complimentary (free) registration please use the promo code STAMUS22: https://www.engagez.net/node/1258190 

In addition, I’m excited to be participating in a panel discussion with a number of industry experts, entitled “Ransomware and Resiliency – To Trust or Not Trust?” in the afternoon.


As ransomware attacks continue to affect organizations around the world, our focus for this session will be on the “Zero Trust” model and how deploying it along with network-based detection and response can help organizations mitigate the risk. We explore how these tools can help slow and stop the impact of ransomware early in its attack lifecycle. 

So, don’t miss our panel session “Ransomware and Resiliency – To Trust or Not Trust?”  on April 7 at 3:50 EDT. Also, if you’re joining the event in-person, visit our booth and say “Hi!” to Ed Mohr and me. 

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