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New flagship software provides response-ready threat insights to save time and mitigate risk


We are pleased to announce the official availability of Scirius Threat Radar, the new software module that sits atop our 3-tier network detection and response solution, Scirius Security Platform.    


The new capabilities completely redefine the network cyber threat hunting process from a traditional alert-driven model to an asset-centric approach, allowing the analyst to more clearly understand the threat impact and accelerate incident response. 

Scirius Threat Radar adds three important concepts to the existing Scirius Security Platform:

Icon_AdvThreatDetect_iconAdvanced threat detection

Inspects all network activity and threat alerts to cut through the noise and automatically identify the critical active threats targeting your assets. This dramatically reduces the number of potential incidents that your team must investigate. 


Icon_AssetOrientedInsightsAsset-oriented attack insights

Shifts the focus from millions of indicators of compromise to a handful of compromised assets and groups those host assets-under-attack by phases of the cyber kill chain. This helps analysts prioritize their investigations.


Icon_CustomThreatDefinitionsCustom threat definitions

Empowers expert analysts to create organization-specific threat definitions and apply it to both historic and future network traffic. This improves detection, speeds response and strengthens the contribution of less-experienced analysts

With Scirius Security Platform, organizations can further reduce the complexity and cost of implementing a network detection and response process. Scirius Threat Radar helps security teams know more, respond sooner, and mitigate the risk to their organizations.


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