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Effectively migrate from your legacy intrusion detection system (IDS) to a modern alternative

We've helped many organizations around the world migrate their legacy intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS or IDPS) to a more effective modern alternative. And in the process, we have gathered a number of insights that we hope can help you along your own journey.

This guide presents the collection of these insights and should help you answer the following questions and perhaps spawn a few more:


  • When is the right time to upgrade your current intrusion detection system?
  • What are realistic goals when migrating to a modern IDS/IPS alternative?
  • Who should you involve in evaluating the decision making process?
  • Which criteria should you use to evaluate an upgrade to our current IDS/IPS?
  • Should you issue an RFI, RFP or RFQ? And if so, at what point in the process?
  • What are reasonable steps to take when doing your final due diligence?
  • What are some of the best ways to engage with the vendor community?