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Meet Xavier Ashe

After the Breach: Why Cyber Resilience Matters


While the main goal for any security team is avoiding a breach, having a comprehensive preparedness plan for when an attack occurs is equally, if not more, crucial. 

This month, our host Peter Manev is joined by Xavier Ashe, senior vice president of Truist’s Cyber Defense Division. During the episode Xavier shares fascinating stories from the frontlines of the cybersecurity industry and explains the importance of organizations being ready and able to quickly pivot and recover from adverse cyber events. 

Will your plan stand up to the test? Xavier also sheds light on the competitive nature of the cyber industry, especially for newcomers, and why aspiring enthusiasts should embrace the challenges and focus on understanding how the internet and security function.

Tune in this month for a riveting discussion that unveils the necessity of being cyber resilient and offers invaluable insights for industry newcomers.

Find Xavier Ashe here:

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