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Show Respect and Integrity in Everything We Do.

by Ken Gramley | May 26, 2022 | Core Principles

Trust is the foundation of any working relationship. Without it, two organizations cannot amicably benefit each other. Trust is built from mutual respect, transparency, and integrity. Part of the reason the leadership team at Stamus Networks took the time to develop and codify our six core principles was to demonstrate transparency. Arguably, our most important principle is the commitment to show respect and integrity in everything that we do. As with any business, we are nothing without strong working relationships with our customers. These relationships rest on mutual respect, integritous practices, and transparent communication.

For an overview of why we developed our core principles, read the introduction to this series.

Show Respect and Integrity in Everything We Do.

A big part of why this principle is so important to us is because it goes beyond the products and services we provide to our paying customers. When we say “everything we do”, we really mean it. Respect and integrity are at the core of how we interact with our customers, but it’s also how we expect our team to interact with each other, and how we strive to function within our industry. Many of our other core principals are built off of these values, and we are committed to upholding them even as we mature and grow as a company.

With our customers:

Showing respect and integrity with our customers is displayed in several ways. First, we strive not to oversell the capabilities of our product. We believe that every problem has an ideal solution, and while we strive to provide the best possible network-based detection and response solution for large sophisticated organizations, we will be the first to admit that our solution isn’t the best for other types of organizations. You won’t hear us claim to be anything that we are not, and when we do make a claim we attempt to support it with high quality evidence. Second, we respect the intelligence, privacy, and values of our customers and prospects. We understand that their customers are their greatest priority, so providing tools to help them protect their organization, and in turn their customers, is our greatest priority. Finally, when we do make mistakes (yes, we certainly do) we take responsibility for our actions, and then we do everything in our power to make it right. We are willing to admit when we are wrong and listen to the opinions of the communities we serve to be the best that we can.

With our team:

We don’t just expect our team to operate with respect and integrity externally with customers and prospects. We expect the same courtesy to be given to their fellow Stamus Network teammates. We work hard to communicate effectively, listen respectfully to the opinions of others, and ensure that all of our employees have a voice. It is crucial that we be transparent in our expectations of one another while maintaining respect for personal time and boundaries. We believe that showing respect and integrity within our teams will set the tone and solidify the expectation for how our employees will represent our company. 

Within our Industry:

In the information security industry the risk of an attack is a given. However, some businesses seem to use the fear of an attack or a data breach as a tool to promote the need for their product of service. For us, displaying respect and integrity means being open and honest about the reality of cyberthreats in the 21st century without overblowing the risk, while also providing a solution and being incredibly transparent about the level of effectiveness that solution provides. This means also acknowledging that there is no such thing as a perfect defense system, and that there is always a very real possibility that a threat might make it past. However, we are also committed to continued improvements to our systems capabilities so that - as we discussed in our previous post - our customers are always receiving the most useful detection possible.


As I stated before, respect and integrity are at the core of all that we do. Every decision is made with these values in mind, and they are the driving factor behind the choices we make regarding the development of our product, how we interact with our customers, who we choose to do business with, the way we expect our teams to communicate, and how we position ourselves within our industry. Our commitment to respect and integrity drives our other core principles, and is ultimately the cornerstone to everything we do at Stamus Networks.

Ken Gramley

Ken is chief executive officer at Stamus Networks. He has over 20 years of experience in building and leading high-tech companies. He has served as a top executive at several technology, network and security organizations, including as CEO of Emerging Threats and co-founder and VP of Engineering at both Covelight Systems and Hatteras Networks. Ken resides in North Carolina, USA.

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