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Deliver the Most Useful Detection, Period.

by Ken Gramley | May 19, 2022 | Core Principles

Successful businesses need to maintain a transparent framework which guides their daily practices. That is why the leadership team at Stamus Networks sat down to discover, discuss, and develop our core principles. Ultimately, we settled on six guiding principles which affirmed beliefs we already held while also laying out expectations for all of our team members as to how we wish to operate.

If you are curious to learn more about why we made the decision to spend time discovering these principles, you can visit the introduction post for this series. There, you can read about the process that led to these principles and why it was important to us to communicate them to our customers, employees, and even competitors.

In this series, we will be breaking down each principle individually to explain what it means, why it matters, and how we practice it.

Deliver the most useful detection. Period.

Stamus Networks provides network-based threat detection and response systems to organizations all around the world. Despite having a diverse pool of customers across different countries and industries, we maintain the same goal: help organizations know more, respond sooner, and mitigate their risk. In order to reach this goal effectively we can’t settle for “good enough”. We truly want to deliver the most useful detection possible.

We try to deliver the most useful detection possible in a few ways:

  1. 1. We constantly strive to develop more effective, efficient threat detection systems.
  2. We are constantly working to upgrade our existing capabilities. For example, we just released new updates to both the Stamus Security Platform and SELKS 7 . Our tech team is continually developing new capabilities, thoroughly testing them, and then rolling them out to our customers. We recently had a customer, a large software company, comment that Stamus Networks was “currently the most innovative vendor in network security.” We are very proud of that observation, and our goal is to build upon that reputation.
  2. 2. We use multiple different detection engines.
  4. We recognize that threats are not all created equal. Why then would we apply the same tactics to different problems? We don’t just use different algorithms, but actually utilize different detection engines to make sure we can identify as many threat types as possible. Many, if not most, of our competitors tend to focus on one technology and dismiss, or even ridicule, alternatives.  Machine learning won't solve cyber security, but there are some awesome use cases where it is particularly useful to use.
  6. 3. We continually push new threat detection techniques, tools, and resources to our customers.
  8. We distribute a weekly threat detection report where we detail new threat detections that have been added to the system, major changes that have been made to existing detections, as well as any additional updates. We provide this resource to our customers not because we have to, but because we truly want to be as useful and effective as possible.

When it comes to detection, we strive to deliver the most useful detection possible. Not just the most useful detection we can deliver, but the most useful detection on the market. Period. Delivering useful detection isn’t just something we do, but rather it is part of who we are and why Stamus Networks was founded in the first place.

Ken Gramley

Ken is chief executive officer at Stamus Networks. He has over 20 years of experience in building and leading high-tech companies. He has served as a top executive at several technology, network and security organizations, including as CEO of Emerging Threats and co-founder and VP of Engineering at both Covelight Systems and Hatteras Networks. Ken resides in North Carolina, USA.

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