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Know more. Respond sooner. Mitigate risk.

Accelerate your response to threats with solutions that uncover serious and imminent risk from your cloud and on-premise network activity.

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Network-based threat detection and response

We are a global provider of high-performance network-based threat detection and response systems that help your security teams know more, respond sooner and mitigate risk with insights gathered from cloud and on-premise network activity. Our Stamus Security Platform exposes serious and imminent threats to your critical assets and accelerates your response.


Stamus Security Platform

Stamus Security Platform is an open network detection and response (NDR) system that delivers actionable network visibility and threat detection with:

  • Greater visibility & evidence

  • More complete detection

  • Response-ready notifications

  • Extensible threat intelligence

  • Straightforward integrations

  • Immediate results

The network does not lie


In fact, the network holds the ground truth for an enterprise’s security posture. Even as more organizations shift to cloud-based resources, encrypted transmission, and remote workforces, nearly all cyber threats generate communications that can be observed on the network.


At Stamus Networks, we tap into the inherent power of network traffic to uncover critical threats to your organization. We offer the best possible asset-oriented visibility and automated detection to help practitioners cut through the clutter and focus on only those serious and imminent threats.

Dramatic resource savings

Even the most advanced intrusion detection systems (IDS) and network security monitoring (NSM) solutions generate a substantial number of events, or indicators of compromise (IoC), every single day.


SSP - Overview - Funnel-1


Security teams who manage these systems either spend countless hours investigating each of the IoCs or feed them into a security event and incident management (SIEM) system for further analysis. This latter scenario often results in "store and ignore" behavior.


Yes, the data are available for incident investigation, but in this model the detection of the actual threat is lost in the stored and ignored data.


SSP is available in two functional license tiers – Stamus Network Detection (Stamus ND) and Stamus Network Detection and Response (Stamus NDR). See the table below for a high-level comparison.


Stamus ND-NDR-Compared


Why Stamus Security Platform

Broad-Spectrum Automated Detection

Automated broad-spectrum detection (machine learning + rules + threat intelligence + stateful logic). Logs everything, alerts only on serious and imminent threats.

Open Interfaces & Explainable Results

Open interfaces for SOAR, SIEM, XDR & third-party threat intel. Transparent and explainable results backed by extensive evidence.

Asset-Oriented Attack Insights

High-fidelity insights into attacks on your hosts and user accounts correlated and tracked by stages on the kill chain.

Built-in Guided Threat Hunting

Guided threat hunting interface with advanced pivoting on enriched data, event tagging and automated alert triage.

It Just Works

Easy to install, integrate, configure, and operate. It just works - all the time.

Built by open source security technology experts

Stamus Networks' product development is led by our co-founders, Éric Leblond and Peter Manev. Both Éric and Peter are members of the Open Information Security Foundation executive team and developers on the Suricata project, the widely-deployed open source intrusion detection and network security monitoring engine. The OISF is a non-profit organization created to build community and to support open source security technologies like Suricata. Under the leadership of Éric and Peter, Stamus Networks applies its extensive Suricata and network expertise to develop our advanced network security solutions.

Why Stamus Networks

Stamus Networks believes in a world where defenders are heroes, and a future where those they protect remain safe. As organizations face threats from well-funded adversaries, we relentlessly pursue solutions that make the defender’s job easier and more impactful.

Unlike other network security companies, Stamus Networks delivers truly useful detection at enterprise scale by applying the right technologies to the right problems, while avoiding the hype, fear and exaggeration that is often employed by security vendors. We are guided by these and a few other core principles which we believe positively impact our customers’ experience with us.

See what a few of our customers are saying about Stamus Networks

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We selected the Stamus Networks solution based on our success at my previous employer. We found it to be an indispensable platform for understanding our security posture.

Head of Sector at a multi-national government institution

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We use the Stamus Security Platform to monitor a multitude of custom applications to ensure they are operating securely.

Cyber Defense Engineering Manager at a major travel technology vendor

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[Stamus Security Platform] allowed us to reduce costs by simplifying IDS systems configuration and updates management, and by getting a single pane of glass on all IDS events with preconfigured dashboards and filters.

Lead of Information Security Team for a global engineering SaaS company

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I have previously worked with six different IDS vendors, and only Stamus provides us with both the signature and anomaly-based data we need which previously required two separate traffic analyzers.

Lead Security Analyst at large SaaS vendor

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Using the threat hunting capabilities of the Stamus Security Platform we have been able to uncover multiple instances of C2 communications and malware running within our infrastructure.

Head of Cyber Security and Governance at an international European Bank

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The ability of Stamus Security Platform to suppress the typically verbose stream of alerts enables us to quickly identify malicious activity from the tremendous noise associated with things like proxies on the network. By selecting the ‘relevant’ alerts, we are able to transition from millions of daily alerts to the 10 or 15 we actually need to review.

CTO at Bulgarian MSSP

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After we started using Stamus Security Platform, we were able to drop our MSSP and reduce our costs while strengthening our cyber security posture.

Director of Infrastructure Technology at U.S. public school system

Quote mark for testimonial

Stamus Networks has provided us with the most effective solution within our security stack. Their dedication to supporting us has been unmatched by any other vendor. We are excited to continue expanding our deployment of the Stamus Security Platform.

Head of Cyber Security and Governance at an international European Bank

Quote mark for testimonial

We are excited to install the Stamus Security Platform at a major manufacturing client because the context provided by the solution allows us to identify actual threats in less time than other tools we have used.

Sales Engineer at French MSSP

Quote mark for testimonial

The detailed network definitions used in the Stamus Security Platform allows us to efficiently and intuitively hunt for improper encryption certificates and proxy services. It's incredibly useful.

Head of Cyber Security and Governance at an international European Bank

Quote mark for testimonial

We managed to increase visibility of suspicious and malicious network activity which highly simplified incident investigation. But I think the biggest advantage we received is the support from Stamus Networks team which always was quick, constructive and useful.

Lead of Information Security Team for a global software engineering firm

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