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Hunt Less. Find More.

Spend less time hunting through raw data and more time reviewing probable threats.


Scirius Solutions

A unique cyber security solution that illuminates threats based on the real time correlation of network traffic analysis and threat detection.

Scirius Security Platform

Scirius Probe Management Icon

Scirius Probe Management

IDS administration and rule set management across multiple probes.

Scirius Enriched Hunting Icon

Scirius Enriched Hunting

Threat hunting based on the correlation of NTA, IDS and organizational data.

Scirius Threat Radar Icon

Scirius Threat Radar

Automated detection of high probability events mapped into the kill chain.


Open Source


SELKS / Scirius Community Edition

IDS administration, ruleset management and basic hunting for a single Suricata sensor.


Built By Open Source Security Technology Experts

Scirius Security Platform product development is led by Éric Leblond and Peter Manev. Both Eric and Peter are members of the Open Information Security Foundation executive team and developers on the Suricata project, the world-class IDS/IPS network monitoring engine. The OISF is a non-profit organization created to build community and to support open source security technologies like Suricata. Under the leadership of Eric and Peter, Stamus Networks applies its extensive Suricata and network security technology experience to develop our advanced security products.

See what a few of our customers are saying about Stamus Networks

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We selected the Stamus Networks solution based on our success at my previous employer. We found it to be an indispensable platform for understanding our security posture.

Head of Sector at a multi-national government institution

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We needed a more robust solution than the open source tools we had been deploying. We are transitioning to Stamus Networks for a solid, enterprise-grade solution that brings us the required stability along with dramatically increased visibility.

Global Security Team Director at major software service provider

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We use the Scirius Security Platform to monitor a multitude of custom applications to ensure they are operating securely.

Cyber Defense Engineering Manager at a major travel technology vendor

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I have previously worked with six different IDS vendors, and only Stamus provides us with both the signature and anomaly-based data we need which previously required two separate traffic analyzers.

Lead Security Analyst at large software tools vendor

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Using the threat hunting capabilities of the Scirius Security Platform we have been able to uncover multiple instances of C2 communications and malware running within our infrastructure.

Head of Cyber Security and Governance at an international European Bank

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Scirius Security Platform's ability to suppress the typically verbose stream of alerts enables us to quickly identify malicious activity from the tremendous noise associated with things like proxies on the network. By selecting the ‘relevant’ alerts, we are able to transition from millions of daily alerts to the 10 or 15 we actually need to review.

CTO at Bulgarian MSSP

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After we started using Stamus Networks, we were able to drop our MSSP and reduce our costs while strengthening our cyber security posture.

Director of Infrastructure Technology at U.S. public school system

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Stamus Networks has provided us with the most effective solution within our security stack. Their dedication to supporting us has been unmatched by any other vendor. We are excited to continue expanding our deployment of the Scirius Security Platform.

Head of Cyber Security and Governance at an international European Bank

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We are excited to install the Scirius Security Platform at a major manufacturing client because the context provided by the solution allows us to identify actual threats in less time than other tools we have used.

Sales Engineer at French MSSP

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The detailed network definitions used in the Scirius Security Platform allows us to efficiently and intuitively hunt for improper encryption certificates and proxy services. It's incredibly useful.

Head of Cyber Security and Governance at an international European Bank

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