Master your networks
– Intrusion Detection System
– Network Security Monitoring
– Protocol analysis
– Complete protocol logging
– File extraction
Network Probe Appliance
Powered by Suricata IDS
Next Generation IDS/NSM engine
Running on high-end hardware
Providing guaranteed bandwidth:
1 Gbps
5 Gbps
10+ Gbps
Run Your Own Defense
Run your custom analysis tasks
– Malware analysis
– Indicator Of Compromise
– Threat Intelligence
On a dedicated GNU/Linux container
– With access to all data available
– And root access

Stamus Networks

Bringing you the best of Suricata IDS technology

We are on a mission to offer ready to use highly scalable, robust, secure, flexible and easy to manage network security management appliances integrating the powerful multi threading Suricata IDPS engine. With most of the company founders being members of the core team for the Suricata IDPS engine, we are persuaded that we can provide you the best of this technology in terms of performance and versatility.

As your ICT systems and information flow is like no other, we know that you will be able to enrich, intensify and maximize your cyber defense systems and processes if we provide you with the best resiliency and flexibility possible. For that reason, we provide on our network probe appliances the Run Your Own Defense (RYOD) containers. They allow you to interact freely with the other part of your defense system. The same philosophy prevails on the user interface side, where you can build custom dashboards adapted to the characteristics of your network.

The difference


Harder is the way we inspect information and traffic flows. (more…)


Better is the way you would perceive your network flow of information and adhere to particular Information Security Standard with Stamus.



Faster is the way you would react, deploy and engage with Stamus. (more…)


Stronger will your defense be with Stamus. (more…)

Network Probe Appliance

A ready to use Suricata in a nice outfit

Stamus Networks appliances are ready to plug in high performance Suricata probes which let you focus on adding advanced cyber defense mechanisms like IOC (Indicator of compromise) via dedicated, secured and isolated virtual self sustained containers. Stamus probes provide Network Security Management and Monitoring and top of crop Intrusion Detection and Prevention System. All the detailed collected data can be searched, filtered, ordered, sorted and reported on in real time through a secure responsive web interface.

Features list
  • Optimized hardware and multi layered Linux based operating system
  • Suricata IDPS engine
  • Intrusion Detection System with ETPRO ruleset and your company/site/department specific rules
  • Web management interface: ruleset, config parameters
  • Log analysis via a scalable Elasticsearch with real time search and drill-down approach
  • RYOD Container: GNU/Linux distributions to run any task on Suricata generated data (IOC, connection to the SIEM).
  • Network Security Monitoring: HTTP, DNS, TLS, SSH, File extraction, alert logging and many more
  • Proven 10+ Gbps full inspection
  • Enterprise support
  • Multi probe/Multi site scalable deployment

Scirius Enterprise

Central management

Scirius Enterprise are appliances dedicated to the management of Suricata probes and Stamus Networks probes. They offer a template based management allowing you to deploy different rulesets on your probes. Stamus Manager features an enterprise version of Scirius, our Open Source Suricata ruleset management interface. The deployment of the rulesets update can be time based and/or on-demand to ensure an up-to-date protection. Stamus Manager is available as an appliance running on dedicated hardware or as virtual appliance.

Features List
  • Web management interface
  • Central reporting and data consolidation
  • Management optimized for 1 to 100+ Stamus Networks probes
  • Template based management for multi probe
  • Backup and restoration of probe configurations
  • Export of manager configuration for backup
  • Rule update history
  • Secured, multi site, latency robust, geo dispersed data exchange between manager and probes
  • RestAPI
  • Lateral movement and target illumination
  • VPN (anywhere) probe registration
  • Enterprise support

Suricata Professional Services

Stamus Networks technical architect team includes members of Open Information Security Foundation which runs the Suricata project. We then offer you the best level of professional services by experts who are deeply involved and knowledgeable in the project.


We provide consulting on architecture, audit and integration of Suricata based infrastructures.


We provide generic Suricata training through OISF and specific training to an audience ranging from beginner user to advanced developer.


We realize specific Suricata developments taking care of proposing them upstream. We also develop custom data analysis tasks for RYOD containers.


We offer professional mail support contracts with Service Level Agreement for Suricata based architectures.

Contact Us

Stamus Networks is a French company with headquarters in Paris:

Stamus Networks
44 rue Bayen
75017 Paris

If you have a question, would like more information about Stamus Networks, our technology or our products and services, please send us a mail at and someone will contact you shortly.